Monday, April 14, 2008

2008 Pittsburgh Venture Outdoors Fest

By: Marsha S. Morgenstern

The April showers have passed. Now is the time to get outside and Venture Outdoors is the perfect organization to help you do that. The not-for-profit founded in 2001 offers activities year-round. On May 17th, they will hold the 8th annual Venture Outdoors Festival from 11 am to 6 pm. The event is free and open to the public. 10,000 participants are expected. (Last year’s festival attracted 8,000 people.)

“The Venture Outdoors Festival provides a sweet opportunity to sample many aspects of Pittsburgh’s great outdoors community: kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, biking, fishing, dragon boating…activities that some folks don’t realize are at our finger tips,” Sean Brady, Venture Outdoors assistant executive director said.

Nicole Frankhouser, 29, of Pittsburgh, has participated in several Venture Outdoors activities over the last six months. “I can’t just pick one Venture Outdoors experience that is my favorite,” She said. “Overall it’s just great enjoying the outdoors while trying new activities with friends! Venture Outdoors is also a great way to get exercise while learning and exploring the Pittsburgh region.”

According to Brady, the festival will span the back channel between the Three Rivers Rowing Association boathouse on Washington’s Landing and Millvale Riverfront Park, with a free water taxi all day. Festival parking is free, but limited space is available. Therefore, Venture Outdoors encourages festival goers to use the Del Monte lots on River Avenue (between Warfield Street and Gazena Way) and take the convenient, free shuttle.

“Or, better yet, attendees can hop on the trail right across the street and bike or walk to the festival. Brightly clad volunteers will be on hand to direct people to the open spaces and the trail,” Donna L. Bour, Event Manager of the 2008 Venture Outdoors Festival said.

For more information on venture outdoors, check out their website at or call 412-255-0635.

Images courtesy of Sean Brady, Venture Outdoors.

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